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Pregnancy Profile "Fake Belly" Vest 3-Day Rental $50.00

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About The Rental Project

• Simple return shipping in the same boxes that baby is delivered to you.

• Realcare Baby simulators require bottle feeding, burping, diaper changing, proper positioning, rocking, etc.

• The Profile Simulator vest is a specially designed, weighted vest that allows women, men, and teen girls and boys to temporarily experience the effects of being pregnant.

• Responsibility of providing hands-on care for an electronic baby simulator.

• An easy way to introduce a baby into the household for siblings, family, and pets.

• Excellent interactive personal experience.

• Life-like baby delivered to you via USPS Priority Mail.

• The opportunity to understand the importance of responsible choices.

• A great way to educate teens today to help provide for a better future.

• Social understanding of parenting.

• Responsibility and effectiveness.

• State of the art computerized infant simulators.

• Problem solving and thinking skills.

• Physical and emotional aspects of child care.

• School or work schedule "baby shut-down" is available.

• Care is recorded by the simulator during the rental term.

• Results are emailed to you when simulator is returned to our office.

• Reservations can be made using our automated check-out system.

• Rental clients are responsible for protecting & caring for our baby simulators.

About Realcare Baby Think It Over Infant Simulators

• Simulator's crying is pre-recorded from an actual infant.

• Simulator has realistic facial & body features, and weighs 8 lbs.

• The simulators make drinking, burping, breathing sounds, as well as happy coo's and fussy cries.

• The computerized dolls are available in five different ethnicities with six different skin tones.

• Fussy time, happy time, and sleep time is random through the day and night.

• The electronic infant simulators are as real as possible.

• They need their heads supported just like real infants.

• The internal electronics record all care and the information is available via an emailed Care Report.

• The participants communicate with their Baby by using a computer chip care key ID.

• Couples & Siblings can share a rental term.

Family Planning Education

• This hands-on project is an outstanding source of parenting education.

• The program can be used for baby care training and family planning for couples.

• See how an infant will effect your lifestyle and your extended family (including family pets).

• Learn what changes you may need to make and how to prepare for your future family.

• This is a quick and convenient way to personally test-drive parenting.

• Ability to complete the project in the safe and natural privacy of your own home.

• Resume normal everyday activities while renting the baby simulator whenever possible.

• Temporarily shut-down the electronic baby during work or school hours.


Many Years of Quality & Dependable Service

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**Our rental babies have been featured on Dr. Oz, The Doctors, See Dad Run, B101, & Reality TV Shows**



Baby Think It Over, A Unique Learning Experience!

We never suggest anyone buy a realcare baby or own a real care baby. When you buy one of these fake babies the novelty wears off quickly. That is why we don't sell them. Many people who chose to buy one of the baby think it over dolls have complained to us about migraine headaches, severe stress, aniety, depression, and insomnia while using their Realcare baby for an extended period of time. Our Realcare Baby Think It Over program rentals are offered nationwide, making it possible for people to practice caring for an infant 24 hours a day while the fake baby records all care provided. Our rental program is available for ages 12 to adult. Project is a stand alone program. Hands-on baby training in the privacy of your own home. Realityworks teen pregancy prevention program is designed as a unique interactive experience. Realcare Baby Think It Over repairs and supplies are available for sale. Excellent parenting class and adoption class training baby. Prepare the entire family, including family pets for a new baby. Infant simulators are the top choice for adoption class, homeschool, high school, middle school, private school, unschool, and church youth groups. We make the Baby think it over program available to all U.S. residents for in-home use. Since new parenting is incredibly difficult, we suggest a minimum rental term of 7 days. Baby Think It Over supplies are provided in the box that we ship. Young adults testing to see if ready to become parents are always welcome to participate. Special sale days available throughout the school year! Group rentals are available to schools, red cross babysitting classes, girl scouts, ymca, mental health, and parks and recreation departments. Available to Alabama, AL, Montana, MT, Nebraska, NE, Arizona, AZ, Nevada, NV, Arkansas, AR, New Hampshire, NH, California, CA, New Jersey, NJ, Colorado, CO, New Mexico, NM, Connecticut, CT, New York, NY, Delaware, DE, North Carolina, NC, Florida, FL, North Dakota, ND, Georgia, GA, Ohio, OH, Oklahoma, OK, Idaho, ID, Oregon, OR, Illinois, IL, Pennsylvania, PA, Indiana, IN, Rhode Island, RI, Iowa, IA, South Carolina, SC, Kansas, KS, South Dakota, SD, Kentucky, KY, Tennessee, TN, Louisiana, LA, Texas, TX, Maine, ME, Utah, UT, Maryland, MD, Vermont, VT, Massachusetts, MA, WY, Virginia, VA, Michigan, MI, Washington, WA, Missouri, MO, Wyoming. Minnesota, MN, West Virginia, WV, Mississippi, MS, Wisconsin, WI.

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